About Me - EngineKnowHow

I completed my Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering in Australia and worked for several years as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia and Canada before completing my Masters of Automotive Engineering in Australia.

Following my studies I started my automotive career in England as an Engine Test Engineer specialising in Engine and ECU research and development. Several major projects included:

  • Camshaft development for a the high performance specification of an OEM’s prestige engine.
  • Performance and emissions development for a V12, Twin Turbo engine from the concept stage all the way through to production.
  • A research project involving a heavily downsized 3 cylinder prototype engine.

Changing countries and companies,  I continued to work as an Engine Test Engineer in Germany developing mechanical engine systems such as the timing, oil and balancing systems for OEM’s throughout the world.  During my time I was the responsible Test Engineer for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Renault, GM and Tata and have worked at the headquarters for each company.

Changing companies again but remaining in southern Germany I’ve recently returned back to complete engine development as an Engine Calibration engineer developing a prestige engine to be released to the public in several years time.

I thoroughly enjoy my career and feel extremely lucky to have been able to gain the experience I have.  My hope is that I can share my knowledge and understanding of engines with you.