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    • Start with the old ones with”High Speed Engines (Harris Ricardo), also go on SAE.(American Automotive Engineering)
      There are reports on the” NACA” website.
      Very good.

  • Hello, I´am actually doing an internship for my engineering studies. I would like to know if it´s possible to use some pictures (Ideal and real diesel engine thermodynamic diagram) in my report. Naturally, I will mention in my bibliography and on the title of the images the origin. This report is written for educationnal use, there will be no commercial use or publication of it.
    Your´s faithfully

  • Hi!
    First I want to mention, that I find your site very useful. I have a question regarding the load of an engine. I don’t think you mention it on the site? Why not? And how can the load be defined? I am having trouble finding a good definition. And furthermore I found publications about diesel engines, where they talk about varying the load and then in the experiment they vary the IMEP- so how do those correlate?
    Thank you in advance!